Roof Repair Tips to Extend its Life

When your roof has an issue, it should repaired as soon as possible. This is not a DIY task unless you are a professional contractor. There are two options when a roof has issues. If the issues seems irreparable, it’s time for a replacement but if it can be repaired, then that would be the best option. From time to time, there are several roof repair tips that you can put into consideration to extend its life.

  • Roof Leaks

It’s important that a homeowner ensures that all roof leaks are repaired as soon as they are detected. Due to the fact that it can take months before a leakage is detected, it’s important that the attic is checked regularly for any signs. By the time you see signs of leakage in the house, the damage is already huge. A professional contractor can help in identifying and repairing roof leaks. 

  • Get the Wood Underneath Fixed 

If the wood underneath the shingles is damaged, it is highly likely that within no time, you will have to deal with roof structural issues. It’s important the wood is checked on a regular basis and any damage fixed immediately. The wood underneath is crucial and even if the shingles are in a good condition, it’s dangerous when the wood is not. 

  • Keep Your Gutters Free of Debris

Your gutter could be causing problems on your roof. When the gutter system is clogged up, water will not run off the roof. Ice dams will be built and issues on the roof will be seen. It will be pushed back to the roof and sit there. Eventually it seeps in through the shingles, to your attic and into your house. An expert should get rid of the debris from the gutter regularly.

  • Insulate and Ventilate the Attic Properly

Did you know that moisture can damage your roof? Apparently this is the truth. It boosts mold build-up which damages the roof. Due to this, the attic should be well ventilated and insulated. This is a project that should be done by a professional roof contractor as it involves installing roof and soffit vents as well as ensuring that insulation does not block the vents. When this is done properly, it will also reduce energy bills at home.

  • Get the Roof Assessed

To identify whether the roof needs repairs or not, it has to be assessed. Waiting for the obvious problems to show is not advisable. It should be assessed by a professional at least twice a year and any damages repaired.

Replacing a roof is more expensive than repairing it. Although a repair is better, at times it makes more sense to do a replacement. Considering that the roof is the uppermost part of your home and it plays a huge role in the protection of a home, it should assessed regularly to identify any damages. The damages which includes leaks, loose and fading shingles should be taken care of immediately.